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Hard & Soft Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a high-tech service company with technology development and production, which is specialized in LED Display, Home Audio, Professional HI-FI Audio, Internet and Wireless Communication, etc. For a long time past, company provided customers in domestic and overseas with reliable and stable technology solutions and related products such as LED display control, HDMI and DTS/Dolby audio decoding, USB and flash memory card record/playback, MCU control based on network application, etc. By dint of excellent quality, company’s products and services obtain recognition from customers in long-term market test and sell well in many countries and regions such as America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East, Europe, and so on.

With many years development, company’s digital audio decoding solution tends to reach perfection, almost embraces every field of audio decoding. At present, company can provide 7.1CH/5.1CH/2.0CH DTS/Dolby Digital AC-3 audio decoding, HDMI digital signal switching and decoding, USB and Flash memory card MP3/WMA/MAV record/playback solution, etc. In addition, hard disk audio-visual technology fills in the gaps in the fields of science and technology and has obtained national patent, at present this technology has been applied widely in various fields such as electronic teaching, campus broadcast, public places, advertisements, video and audio player in cars.

After entering new century, optoelectronic industry gained extensive attention, and the development of information display technology is fast. The successful launch of LED display control system developed by company impregnates new activities for the development of company. LED control system with high integration supports all one-color, two-color, and full color LED displays on the market, communication mode can choose RS232/485, RJ45 Ethernet, USB flash memory, infrared remote control, PS2 computer keyboard, GSM/GPRS, and FM RDS wireless; For LED display, users can customize individuation products according to special requirements regarding display’s color, size, and function options, also it is able to support many inputs without computer such as T9 strokes of a Chinese character, phonetic transcription, simplified and traditional Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Greek, and English.

The rapid development of Internet and computer application’s popularization bring along the prosperity of the network product market, correspondingly network application puts forward higher requirement for management and cooperation between the different devices. As a result, company launches Internet and Ethernet to MCU connection converter with full-functional TCP/UDP communication protocol, it offers an ideal solution for MCU control based on network application, supports 10M/100M high speed network transmission, and uses IE browser to manage and monitor user MCU, at the same time using Internet to control and communicate with MCU can diagnose MCU and modify program at long distance, also it is okay to connect wireless so as to realize MCU mobile control, or make up of information household appliances, or Internet of Things system, etc., and in other words, its application prospect is wide.

Company started using registered STL brand in 2004, and this brand has been applied widely by related products ( In order to provide the most reliable products and solutions, and the most satisfied service for customers, company sets up exhibition sales departments at Saige plaza and Pacific Ocean Security Market in Shenzhen city.

Under the push of technology innovation, company insists on Man-centered and Market-oriented management mode and emphasizes product’s standardization, normalization, and Property Right Transformation. Company’s goal is to satisfy and exceed customers’ expectation. Based on principles of Practicality, Innovation, High Quality, and Win-Win, company sincerely hopes to cooperate with all friends at home and abroad to make progress and create mutual resplendence together.

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CF卡录音DTSAC-3AC3OTGUSBU盘MP3播放多声道解码板数码音频解码板多媒体方案录音方案USB OTG音频解码方案LED驱动板LED控制卡LED条屏LED系统控制卡双基色LED显示条屏叫号屏U盘播放器U盘换内容的LED显示屏。
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